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Video Gallery

Demonstration Videos

Hapkido techniques (Punching Defence, belt Techniques)

Hapkido Gun disarming, Bystander & belt techniques

Hapkido Knife Defence, Dan bong & Bystander Techniques

Hapkido Woman self defence, Punching defense, Kicking defense, Pre-epmtive techniques

Hapkido techniques against multiple attackers (SKMA Hapkido London, UK)

SKMA Hapkido Demonstration in Croatia

Hapkido Techniques (SKMA Hapkido London, UK)

SKMA Hapkido seminar in Poland in 2010

Hapkido demo, Women Self defence

Instructional Videos

Epic Long Staff, Bo staff pattern for everyone (Jangbong Tutorial 2), Hapkido training

Easy 10 Bo staff, long staff spinning skills (Jangbong Tutorial 1), Hapkido training

10 Punch defence moves you must know, Hapkido punch defence Tutorial 2

How to block punches, Hapkido punching defence Tutorial 1

Easy Hapkido Techniques in practice (Tutorial 2)

6 Easy Hapkido Moves For Everyone | Pre-Emptive Attacks (Tutorial 1)

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