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Online Programme (Fee in GBP & USD)

Online Programme (pre-filmed instructional videos for each level)

Access to all common training videos: Kicks (basic & Advanced), breakfall, breathing, meditation etc

Access to each level self-defence techniques videos

Videos for three different age groups
 Kids (age 5 – 10)
 Junior (age 11 – 15)
 Adult (age 16+)

£15 / USD 20 per month without feedback

£25 / USD 34 per month with 2 video feedbacks (you can send your videos and we send feedback)

Online colour belt grading £25 (UK) / USD 25 (Outside UK)

Within in UK: Including a belt, a certificate and postage / delivery

Outside UK: We send only electronic certificate

Fast track 1 st Dan blackbelt Programme: £500 (UK) or USD 680 (outside UK)

SKMA Uniform & Belt

Access to all level instructional videos for 1 st Dan for 24 months

Valid period: 24 months, monthly fee (£15 or USD 20) applied after this period

Video / online grading & feedback for each level

Excluding Blackbelt exam & certificate fee

Instructors: £1,699 (UK) or $2,000 (other countries)

Access to Kids, Junior and Adult instructional videos for all level up to 1 st Dan for unlimited period

Monthly instructor’s webinar or off-line seminar for 12 months

Monthly video feedback for 12 months

SKMA Hapkido Instructor Qualification & Accreditation (excluding Blackbelt exam & certificate fee) when successfully completed all level requirements & test

Excluding Blackbelt exam & certificate fee

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