Welcome to SKMA Hapkido.

SKMA is the authentic Korean Martial Arts School led by Korean Instructor, Master Daeman Sung (6th Dan Black belt). Our vast syllabus offers something for everyone – from those dedicated to mastering their abilities in a martial art, to those who simply want to keep fit.

SKMA Hapkido incorporates the study of all factors that affect the health of our bodies. The purpose of training is personal development and self-defence. Above all, the philosophy of the Korean Martial Arts is to harmoniously and simultaneously develop and discipline the mind, body and spirit.

We hold Hapkido Martial Arts & Self-defence classes in
- Wandsworth, London
- Acton / Ealing, London
- New Malden, Surrey
- New Haw, Surrey
- Guildford, Surrey


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Hapkido Techniques

Hapkido Techniques Demo

We offer self defence and martial arts classes for:

Schools, colleges and universities
Adult and Children (from Age 5)
Community groups and corporates
High performance/competition athletes
Students in sports or security related studies
Security staff and public service workers (Police & Military)
Private lessons



Not only physically will you find yourself being able to “go that extra mile”, but mentally as well. This is the ability to relax and concentrate deeply and more fully for greater lengths of time.


The ability to defend oneself greatly improves self-confidence. Self-confidence combines with better judgment, integrity and overall improvement in lifestyle brings about a positive attitude.


One of the first areas of change. Even touching your toes sets you apart from the majority. Good flexibility promotes good posture and will continue to improve your life physically as you age


Like flexibility, your endurance will show great improvements as you practice, affecting many areas such as becoming less tired while traveling, and a constant increase of energy level.

News & Updates

- Saturday, 24th Dec: Closed (no training)
- Sunday, 25th Dec: Closed (no training)
- Monday 26th Dec: Closed (no training)
- Tuesday 27th Dec: Open as normal
- Wednesday 28th Dec: Open as normal
- Thursday 29th Dec: Kids class (2:00 pm), Junior class (3:00 pm), Adult class cancelled
- Friday 30th Dec: New Malden classes are open as Normal / New Haw adult class is cancelled
- Saturday 31st Dec: Closed (no training)
- Sunday, 1st Jan: Closed (no training)
- Monday, 2nd Jan: Bank Holiday Closed (no training)
- Tuesday, 3rd Jan: Open as normal
Saturday, 29th of October at Wandle Recreation Centre, Wandsworth
3:30 – 5:00 pm: Grading for Kids, Junior and Adults

Sunday, 30th of October at New Malden Dojang
4:30 – 6:00 pm: Grading for Kids & Junior
8:00 – 10:00 pm: Revision class + Grading (Adult only)
Sunday, 3rd of July at New Malden Dojang
8:00 – 10:00 pm: Revision class + Grading (Adult)

Friday, 22nd of July at New Malden Dojang
6:10 – 7:10 pm: Grading for Kids & Juniors

Saturday, 23rd of July at Wandle Recreation Centre, Wandsworth
3:45 – 5:00 pm: Grading for Kids, Junior and Adults

Sunday, 31st of July at New Malden Dojang
8:00 – 10:00 pm: Revision class + Grading (Adult)



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SKMA Limited
43 Colborne Way,
Worcester Park,
Surrey, United Kingdom.