Joshua Henwick
I've been training here for half a year now. If you want to learn martial arts I would highly recommend this place since Hapkido has practical self defence techniques and kicks which are used in the Korean Law Enforcement, Military and Special Forces. Master Sung and his instructors are fantastic teachers and you never feel like you are left behind. Everyone who trains here is friendly and helpful too as they will share their tips on how to do certain techniques if you’re struggling. In my honest opinion if you’re looking for a martial arts family, here is where you will find them.

Anna Antoniou
A great place to train and learn Hapkido.
The instructors are very experienced and are great teachers. Our 5yo daughter has been training there since October and has enjoyed every moment. It has been a good focus for her and we can see the change in her physical abilities and her confidence. The instructors are excellent with children; patient and enthusiastic but firm, and it is clear that the children love them whilst also respecting them. Since then, my husband and I have joined to learn the art of Hapkido as well as keep fit (or get fit in my case :D) whilst having fun at the same time, and also learn to protect ourselves. Our littlest will join in too when he's 5 . "The family that train together, stay together" ;)

Roxanna Askarova
The atmosphere is extremely kind and encouraging both from the people that attend and the instructors, who are very knowledgeable. Started out new to the sport and became instantly hooked. I have been pushed to new limits and now feel stronger. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to let out some steam.

An amazing school with a great atmosphere.
All the students are friendly and of different ages. The classes are fun and challenging and taught by an Korean Martial Arts Master. The lessons are a good combination of practical self-defence techniques and kicks, I’m also pleased to see how my fitness levels have improved too! The dojang is a cool venue and the green tea cafe in the front is great for healthy refreshments.

Emily Browne
My boys really enjoy their hapkido sessions.
They are learning great skills as well as discipline. The masters are really good with the children- they are firm yet at the same time are gentle and make the classes fun.

Steve Scruton
Master Sung runs popular and practical classes.
Two of my boys and training for their black belts now, my third son is doing well and I enjoy it too. A martial art for all the family.

Marios Antoniou
My family train there and we absolutely love it.
Great place to learn Hapkido for all ages. Fantastic instructors and students, all very friendly, and the environment is great. I cannot recommend SKMA enough.

Bianka Fjeld
Great Hapkido club with inspiring coaches for all ages.
I find the club very professional, safe and clean. My child loves it there, always a big smile on his face when I pick him up.

Estevan Belnomo
I have been training for almost a year. It is a really enjoyable environment and the master and the students are very friendly, always helping each other to improve. I do recommend training Hapkido, not to learn how to fight, but to keep physical and mental balance.

Emily Kwok
Both my children love going for their Hapkido classes.
Master Sung and the instructors are very patient and attentive. The venue is new, clean and very conducive to a good learning experience.

Natalia Li
Amazing venue built to highest specifications.
The school is professionally run by a Korean Master with the assistance of local instructors. Best hapkido tuition plus special events and annual trip to Korea! There is exquisite organic green tea cafe and acupuncture and massage therapy room. Other locations are Wandsworth, Guildford and New Haw. Can’t recommend them enough!

Aileen Marks
Very professional. Great instructors. Fantastic facility. My son loves it.

Esther Jung
Both my kids love going to Hapkido! Great place to be in!

Mario Vincini
It's a great place. My daughter loves it and has made some good friends.

Authentic Korean martial arts
Great, safe and respectful environment for martial artists of all levels. Delivered by highly skilled and experienced Hapkido instructors, this class offers a great insight into the Korean culture and etiquette within fun, but challenging classes. I was really surprised how much I learnt in a short amount of time. I'd thoroughly recommend for anyone wanting to take up martial arts for the first time or for veteran martial artists looking to add another string to their bow.

Paweł Jasiński
Great school!!!
Very friendly atmosphere. I felt like I know everybody well just after first classes. Also massive help on the technical side. I was an absolute beginner when i joined and they really paid attention what I do and tried to help me as much as possible.

Run by to great instructors Darren and Paul always making laugh while helping me with my kicks or holds. If your looking to gain confidence or help get fit I say come along and give Hapkido a chance. I think your be very happy with your choice.

Fantastic A++
I honestly have to say that the level of experience here is amazing. Darren Beer has amazing knowledge and makes it all so simple to pick up. The class themselves are full of friendly and really helpful people. This class is perfect if your just starting out, or been at it for years.

For anyone wanting to learn practical self defence
After having gained a 1st dan blackbelt in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo I wanted to compliment my acquired skills by learning a 'practical' martial art without having to significantly alter my Korean based style of kicking. After some research I came across Master Sung's SKMA dojo and my time and investment thus far has been worth every penny! You have some martial art schools that are 'mickey mouse' outfits but Master Sung's SKMA Hapkido club is the real deal! It is well organised, professionally run with a great team of blackbelts to assist beginners as well as intermediates. More over you are taught a well balanced, practical martial art that doesn't focus solely on one particular area such as kicks or throws etc but is well rounded to give the user an option for many scenarios where survival through unarmed combat is a possibility. I would recommend anyone wanting to learning practical self defence to get in contact with Master Sung

Chloe Tang
As long as I have known the SKMA Hapkido, I have known them to have dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well-accomplished instructors. They have the most qualified instructors. Master Sung is very kind and and gentle with all his ...더보기As long as I have known the SKMA Hapkido, I have known them to have dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well-accomplished instructors. They have the most qualified instructors. Master Sung is very kind and gentle with all his students and is always eager to help the students learn more. I highly recommend SKMA Hapkido to all ages and levels. Drop by when you get a chance and see for yourself!

Best Hapkido School
My three kids have now been attending this school for more than 4 years - there is no better school and no better master around!! It is always fun, innovative and there is a constant drive that keeps you going. Whether kids or adults - if you want to learn Hapkido on any level this is the place to go!

The best Martial Arts school in the area easily, from 5 yr olds upwards..they teach very practical and useful life skills not only realistic self defence taught as a Korean art form from a original Korean Master.

So professional and so much fun!
Although I haven't heard about this art before I never looked back - I am so glad I chose Hapkido! Both my son and myself are training with Master Sung and the SKMA is a highly professionally organised and run martial arts school with assistant teachers and senior black belts always ready to help. Classes are fun, there is a lot to learn at any level, it trains not only your body and mind but develops memory and discipline, and social skills as well, to name just a few benefits! There are extra activities organised on a regular basis such as workshops, seminars, trips, retreats - you will never be bored! Highly recommended. So sophisticated. And could save your life if you ever need to defend yourself, God forbid! But it's of course better to avoid or prevent conflicts. And Hapkido also helps to boost your confidence and be street-wise.

Simply the best martial arts school I have trained with, Master Sung is a kind, humorous and very knowledgeable teacher who likes to improve and build up every member of his school. I have greatly enjoyed training there and will continue when I am back in London.

In the class of its own
Highly recommended Korean Martial Arts school in London. I would go as far as to say it is probably the best self-defense art, taught by a very humble and knowledgeable Master.

Best place to enjoy learning martial arts
No matter how useful or practical a martial art is, you don't want to learn it unless it is fun and enjoyable.
Master Sung knows very well how to teach martial arts in practical and enjoyable ways.
At the SKMA, I've learned the most practical art to defend with great fun.
The programme involves basic stretching, kicking practice, breakfall techniques and joint-lock skills at least one of which you will find suitable for yourself.


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