Children's Programme

Like a swimming lesson, a systematic martial arts programme will teach children survival method in daily life.
We are facing the challenges of declining health and physical activity, increasing violence and the deterioration of ethical values these days. To meet these challenges, we need additional education and training beyond academic teaching, one that can promote good health and well-being, as well as teach children the skills to resolve conflict and build character.
HAPKIDO, Korean Martial Arts, can be an intelligent, effective and creative way to prepare children to cope with today’s challenges. By coordinating courses with our School, education-based communities especially schools like you can enjoy a healthy social activity together

We run a special programme for kids and juniors by selecting and tailoring suitable skills for their age. Our programme is well fit for children who needs encouragement, physical fitness, mental focus, discipline as well as self-defence skills.

We run our kids and junior classes in New Malden, Wandsworth, Acton and New Haw.

- Typical kids class: age 5 - 9
- Typical Junior class: age 10 - 14

Also we teach local schools as a part of PE curriculum as well as afterschool clubs.

- Berrymdede Junior school in Acton
- Broadwater Primary school in Tooting
- Tennis Avenue Academy in New Malden

Any schools who are interested in our children's programme, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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